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Turbo-charge your CMMS with AI

The breakthrough, AI-powered computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) that will juice your maintenance efficiency

Maintenance is the backbone of your operational continuity —ensuring your ongoing ability to hit your financial performance goals and objectives. 

Ensuring your maintenance team has all the required inventory on hand to perform their duties is critical, but a balance between too much and enough is very tough! 

Are you tracking your work orders using a white board or Excel? Wouldn’t it be great to have everything handy on your mobile device for you and your entire team?

Do you perform proactive maintenance on your machinery? What about predictive maintenance?  

A key issue for many is that they spend too much time looking for maintenance problems, and that reduces the time they have available to solve them.

AutomateIT has the expertise and ability to help you and your team digitize your maintenance team with our cloud-based partner Fiix by Rockwell Automation. 

  • Sift all your maintenance data (including work and purchase orders)
  • Look through asset and work patterns for anomalies (such as large uses of time or money)
  • See analysis on a single dashboard (no spreadsheets or paper!)
  • Continuously improve accuracy and plan maintenance with confidence

IDC research shows that the average maintenance team using Fiix sees the following results:

  • 27% reduced downtime
  • 10% reduction in operating costs
  • 20% decrease in repair times

Are you ready for a free, no-risk 30-day trial? If Fiix doesn’t perform, you pay absolutely nothing. Let’s get started together.