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Production Monitoring

Many manufacturers still use dry-erase whiteboards and paper-based methods to oversee and optimize production. Real-time digital production monitoring solutions finally make all this manual effort reductant.

Achieve real-time, plant-wide production visibility

Implement seamless connectivity to and from your plant floor machines and gain real-time visibility into, and control over, production performance.

Digitally track the operational KPIs you need to be on top of output and drive continuous improvements. Digital production monitoring lets you set up and leverage user-friendly dashboards and scoreboards to display measures including cycle times, capacity utilization, and OEE.

The result is that Production monitoring isn’t just another work process, but a crucial and useful guide to manufacturing transformation.

Our production monitoring capabilities


Create a closed-loop operations centre-plant floor system capable of real-time measurement a vast array of equipment KPIs and productivity/performance measures.


Automate data capture to improve the accuracy and flow of information.


Track data for instant feedback with clear visualizations of production metrics in real time.


Identify bottlenecks and pinpoint problem areas for continuous production improvements.