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Quality Performance Management

Many manufacturers still use manual processes and spreadsheet-based quality control. Wrose, there is no over-arching process. But as product complexity increases, and efforts to reduce cost intensify, maintaining consistent quality becomes a steep challenge.

Digital oversight creates repeatable, predictable quality

A digital Quality Management System (QMS) offers a single electronic system of manufacturing record and engagement, so manufacturers can continuously meet stringent, organization-wide levels of operational visibility and control over quality.

Uniquely, AutomateIT’s QMS supports closed-loop quality improvement combining real-time data capture with a “Plan-Do-Check-Act” process. This underpins continuous improvement as well as the quality repeatability needed to adhere to the compliance and documentation needs of customers, industry bodies and government.

Our quality management system capabilities


Quality documentation and standards available real-time, digitally – enterprise-wide.


Quality processes and check sheet data automated and updated in real-time.


Quality performance available through digital control plans and document control.


Quality measured in-line with clear reporting and data access for simple audit tracking.