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Free Control Panel Design Review

We specialize in custom-designed UL-rated control panels that are factory-tested and certified to the highest standards.

Many OEMs and end users come to us as they are frustrated with their current control panel supplier.  They complain of:

  1. Poor design and componentry.
  2. Poor assembly and zero testing before the control panel arrives onsite.
  3. Lack of technical know-how and engineering support post sale.

At AutomateIT, we work with OEMs and end users to avoid this. Our control cabinets meet all recognized UL standards for higher levels of performance. This gives you the certainty that the panel will always perform as intended.

UI quality comparable to non-compliant panel prices

 Despite our strict UL compliance standards, our prices are comparable to those smaller, non-UL compliant engineering shops. 

  1. We charge only for the finished control panel (meaning we absorb the costs associated with design and testing).
  2. Our prices are competitive (we mark-up only the final assembly – not the discrete inputs).
  3. Your procurement is simplified (we can do everything from design and assembly to onsite installation).
  4. Your maintenance team is supported post sale (our inhouse team of engineers have more than 125 years of combined experience).

Free Control Panel Design Review

If your panels are causing you problems, then give us a call for a Free Control Panel Design.

  1. Simply give us the us the panel specs for an upcoming project or troublesome panel.
  2. Our engineering team will give you a UL compliant design and assembly price.
  3. The panel specs are yours to keep irrespective of whether or not you partner with us on the build.