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Free 30-Day Fiix by Rockwell Automation Trial

We’ll do all the setup and train your staff. You use it for 30 days and if it doesn’t deliver results as promised, you pay nothing!

If you spend too much time reacting to problems and not enough time preventing them, then you need Fiix— the AI-powered cloud-based CMMS by Rockwell Automation.

This powerful predictive tool continuously sifts through your maintenance data (including work orders and purchase orders), assets and work patterns searching for anomalies. It then presents real-time analysis on a single dashboard for company-wide visibility and preventative action before things go wrong!

Plus Fiix powerful AI continually self learns to improve accuracy over time to give you absolute confidence in your planning decisions.  Fiix can help you to:

  • Fix problems proactively NOT reactively
  • Dramatically reduce unplanned downtimes
  • Fix quality issues
  • Eliminate production interruptions

Maintenance teams are making a big impact with Fiix.


They’ve reduced asset-related downtime by 27%


They’ve cut production and operating costs by 10%


They’ve spent 44% less on labor costs


They’ve shrunk inspection times by 73%


They’ve decreased mean time to repair by 20%

Try Fiix for free

We want to get you to understand the power of Fiix and how it might benefit your organization with a 30-day trial — at our cost with no obligation.

We will help your team understand the power of the data and how to fully implement it. And if Fiix doesn’t perform as we promise, you pay absolutely nothing.