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Expert Capture AR

This breakthrough Augmented Reality training video production app will have everyone emulating the high-performance processes of your best people in no time

  • High-quality AR training vids
  • Simple three-step Record-Make-View process
  • No programmers or expensive 3D models
  • Free Demo with our AR Specialist

Invaluable process knowledge is sitting inside the heads of your most skilled people. Efficiently codifying it to use for training, productivity improvement, or quality control, has always been the tricky part.

Expert Capture’s three-step process finally makes it simple. Best of all, it never takes those high-performing domain experts off the job.

High-quality AR Video Training. Three Simple Steps.

Expert Capture is a new Augmented Reality (AR) app that overlays 3D visualizations, instruction, and simulations on real-world environments. With it, managers can now easily share the process know-how that’s often stuck inside the heads of experienced frontliners and deliver scalable one-to-one expert instruction.

Here’s how.


Your domain experts generate the raw footage by recording themselves as they work.


Expert Capture transforms this footage into feature-rich AR video guided training experiences.


Other workers (and new hires) use these AR videos as a step-by-step guide to learn and emulate the high-performance processes of their experienced peers.

Create, deliver, and scale interactive work instruction from your best

Create your own augmented reality-based work process experiences to drive operational efficiency, output, and quality radically higher.

Capture the knowledge of your domain experts in real time on the factory floor or in the field to address critical quality issues, inconsistencies, or product improvement opportunities

And leverage the power of 3D CAD and AI-enhanced inspection to make first-person, step-by-step training vids that will transform your training strategy for even the most complex manufacturing processes.

Augmented Reality video training drives tangible business benefits

Research commissioned by Microsoft to survey companies already using Augmented Reality applications found substantial return on investment (ROI).

  • Improved manufacturing operations productivity for skilled technicians by 20%.
  • Improved training productivity of 20% to 24% for the composite organization and reduced training materials costs by 35%.
  • Improved field technician productivity by 25%.
  • Improved manufacturing SME productivity by 30% with remote problem resolution
  • Traveling expenses for work instruction down by 20% to 50%.

Increase workforce efficiency

Provide employees with better visual guidance for the tasks they’re about to perform with clear comparisons and verification that the task is done as fast as the best — and done right.

Improve product quality

Improve production accuracy and reduce costs associated with scrap, rework, and recalls, saving money and improving customer satisfaction.

Foster continuous improvement

Analyze critical data from your frontliners to identify operational fault patterns and opportunities for improvement.

Fill skilled labor vacancies faster

Improve your new hires’ time to maximum productivity (and reduce onboarding costs) with more effective digital training tactics and on-the-job AR-enabled guidance.

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