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Are downtime-reducing maintenance schedules actually realistic?

Maintenance is critical to minimizing downtime! But for some organizations, it the scheduling process itself can be a time-consuming bottleneck that demands endless hours of operator time to optimize and update.

The good news is that powerful, breakthrough digitization and automation tools finally offer a time-saving solution for maintenance teams. 

AutomateIT’s cloud-based CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management System), Fiix, is the simplest and most effective way to schedule and streamline your maintenance workflows. 

Here are just a few of the things that it’s capable of:

  1. Create a library of checklists, standard procedures, manuals, diagrams all within the CMMS.
  2. Schedule maintenance using date, time or event-based triggers.
  3. Trigger sensor-based maintenance alerts to any mobile device based on real-time condition changes of equipment on critical variables such as vibration, temperature, pressure and more.

And all the while you can track exactly what’s happening and when it’s happening from your own centralized dashboard.

Are you ready to run your maintenance like clockwork?