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Blueprint to drive plantwide performance improvement

How our Plant Productivity Walkthrough answers your most critical operational questions and delivers a blueprint to drive plantwide performance improvement

We live in the world of NOW!  In a winner-take-all world, the companies that have real-time, agile operations throughout their entire value chain will prevail.  Add real-time operational intelligence to your enterprise processes that allow you to make decisions in TODAY! 

AutomateIT was founded to help manufacturers take advantage of emerging and established technologies such as IIOT and Industry 4.0 to reap the cost and productivity benefits of Smart Manufacturing.

What you might not know is that AutomateIT’s proven process starts with a plant productivity walk through. We observe your processes, and correlate those with your goals and overall business objectives.

Automation automobile factory concept with 3d rendering robot assembly line in car factory

In particular, we use visual observations and motion analysis to trace the typical flow of products through your plant to answer three critical questions.

  1. What is your ideal process: people flow, materials flow, technology and data management flow?
  2. How will you get there (what changes to IT, OT, automation, monitoring, data collection, and reporting are needed to maximize business profitability and control costs)?
  3. What will the financial and productivity improvement benefits be (and how soon will you see results)?

We then present our recommendations prioritized by the highest impact to your business. 

Digital-led IoT & Connectivity solutions are proven to boost productivity, improve processes and drive growth.  However, the majority of IoT and IIoT project fail due to technology driving the change rather than desired business objectives leading the need for the technology. 

Examples of such investments have been company’s purchasing Augmented Reality equipment to enable their workforce with digital technology but have no alignment or plan to drive the desired goals and utilization of the purchased technology.

AutomateIT’s engineers have the experience and expertise to listen to your desired objectives and bring in realistic technology that can be easily deployed to enable rapid returns on your investment.

Are you ready to get started?