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AutomateIT announces appointment as an official Rockwell Automation Information Solutions Value Added Reseller

Rockwell Automation does not take the appointment of official ISVAR’s lightly. To become eligible, an engineering company must demonstrate an elite level of technical understanding and support of Rockwell Automation Information Solutions.

This is why there are only a few official Rockwell IS VARs in the entire USA.

AutomateIT is extremely proud to be part of this elite group, as an Information Solutions Value Added Reseller (IS VAR) in the USA.

The appointment is a recognition of our team’s 50-plus years of combined experience and commitment to helping our clients deliver on the factory of the future through digital transformation and the power of real-time data!

Information Solutions Value Added Reseller (IS VAR) status means we know Rockwell Automation’s Information Solutions

The Rockwell Automation IS VAR designation gives us exclusive access to Rockwell Automation and creates an exceptional level of collaboration and coordination. By packaging and customizing advanced products and software from Rockwell Automation with our own unique products and services, we can provide industry-leading automated and fully integrated solutions that help meet your most complex customization and integration needs. It also means we can give you the following benefits:

IS VAR Benefits:

  • Elevated Rockwell Automation support for hardware and software products and solutions.
  • Direct access to Rockwell Automation expertise
  • Proven Digital Transformation Expertise
  • Fully integrated custom solutions
  • Proof of values to take those ideas and turn them into reality!

Heralding a new age of connected smart manufacturing

Together with Rockwell Automation, AutomateIT can now offer next-level operational technology (OT) and information technology (IT) expertise and solutions that simplify, protect, and automate your digitally transforming business-critical operations and provide industry-leading automated and fully integrated solutions that can help you meet your most complex customization and integration needs.

For more than 100 years, Rockwell Automation has helped manufacturers produce more, improve product quality and connect with stakeholders. Now, Rockwell Automation continues to help customers stay at the forefront of smart manufacturing through the IS VAR program, and we’re delighted to be a leading partner in this journey.

“AutomateIT’s participation in the Rockwell IS VAR Program marks an exciting milestone in our growth journey,” says Jeff Squires, AutomateIT’s Vice President of Sales.

“This collaboration enables us to broaden our product portfolio and deliver even greater value to our customers. We are confident that including these innovative solutions will help us meet the diverse needs of our clients more effectively while solidifying our position as a leading provider in the industry. The entire AutomateIT team could not be more excited about the new possibilities this new Rockwell Automation status offers.

Give us a call to see how our new status can help you further enhance your digital transformation.

Our Rockwell Automation IS VAR Partnership Capabilities

Industrial Cybersecurity & Networks

Unrivalled OT cybersecurity from the world leader in industrial automation. We offer consulting and assessments, cybersecurity network architecture, governance and advanced security operations for endpoint protection across your entire organization.

Digital Transformation

Employ the latest Rockwell Automation technology and software to maximize asset performance and increase productivity across your plant using real-time monitoring, augmented reality, IoT and advanced analytics. This includes Fiix Maintenance Management, and PLEX Manufacturing Execution, Quality Management, Asset Management, Production Monitoring, and other advanced manufacturing software solutions to modernize the plant floor.

Industrial Analytics

Improve manufacturing operations with enhanced analytics to extend insight and drive real-time action for greater flexibility and rapid response at enterprise scale.

Industrial Automation Control

Build an intelligent plant for optimized performance through integrated control systems, motor control and interconnected smart devices.  Connect, plants, sites, facilities and people for tighter integration and smarter decision-making.

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