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Tired or sick bald engineer touching his head while leaning by bar at break in the middle of working day in workshop

Three symptoms that suggest your manufacturing process is ill and needs help

You have symptoms!  We have solutions.

You are probably thinking: “It’s not sick. Our plant is fine!” However, have you experienced any of these challenges?

Problem 1. Missed deadlines

Equipment failure — and subsequent unplanned downtime is a leading cause of production delays, missed deliveries and declining customer satisfaction.

Problem 2. Inability to rapidly respond to recalls

Product recalls are on the rise, yet we know that many manufacturers still struggle to store and track the data necessary to react to recalls when they occur.

Problem 3. High equipment failure costs

Lacking real-time performance data, manufacturers often simply wait for machines to display significant signs of malfunction — or even to break down — before taking them offline for maintenance. Repairs or replacement are often more costly because of expediting and rush orders not to mention the completely unplanned downtime can seriously affect production.

Re-taking control with AutomateIT’s smart manufacturing software solutions

If any of these problems sound familiar it’s a good time to think hard about how you can optimize your plants performance and can keep your equipment operating at their highest possible levels of productivity, reliability, and quality, while minimizing downtime, maintenance costs, and other expenses.

There are now systems for control and automation integration that can deliver effective automated oversight production of processes and equipment.

Some of these even combine AI reasoning, smart sensors, big data and cloud networking to deliver expended process flexibility and supply-demand responsiveness, ultimately increasing productivity, product quality and revenue.

How can this help cure a sick plant?

First, our smart manufacturing software solutions can be used to monitor equipment performance in real-time, allowing for quick detection of anomalies and issues. Real-time monitoring can help identify issues before they become major problems, allowing for quick action to be taken to prevent equipment failure.

Second, leveraging IIOT technology you can collect data from sensors on your equipment to provide a comprehensive view of asset health, identify trends and patterns in equipment performance so you can generate reports on asset performance, maintenance history and other key metrics for empowering you to make quick, informed decisions. This enables predictive maintenance, reducing downtime and increasing asset availability. Predictive maintenance is critical to identifying potential issues before they occur, allowing for proactive maintenance and minimizing the impact on production.

Third, our cloud-based software solutions aren’t so scary that they will make you sick just thinking about it!  A health, smart and digitized plant is your pathway to success!     

If this has got you thinking, why not get in touch? We’ll explore how your operation can benefit from our solution set and experience at AutomateIT and our partners Rockwell Automation and PLEX.