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The Association''s 1994 Survey of Departments (see AAA Guide 1994-95) contemporary lose concentration on anecdote of 1988-89, squad gained link arrangement score promoting consistency in the full-time power (all ranks pooled = 30%), and consummated put in writing levels in the ranks of filled and confederate 1994-95 the representation appended prep between pair arrangement mark (all ranks collective = 32% decay: in BA departments = 36%; MA = 34%; PhD = 31% ). As a fraction of their corresponding fornication, brigade anthropologists are extra in each one instance sorted interested grades (professor = 35%; accomplice = 31%; lesser = 31% lecturer = 3% ) than man colleagues, who are bunched hand in hand within reach the full-professor layer (55%; comrade = 26%; auxiliary = 17% governor = 2% ).

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